We help businesses understand and manage consumer decision making

We provide the most accurate and best value forecasts available on how people will behave in new situations

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Trust what people do, not what they say they do

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Only experiments can uncover the true causes of behaviour

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Focus on the commercial outcomes of decision making

Your customers are human. In order to best serve them and grow your business you have to look at what they really do, not just what they say they do.

By using controlled experiments and data science, we give you behavioural insights that will answer your commercial questions

We help you understand and manage consumer decision making at every stage in their lifecycle, allowing you to optimise your product offering and improve your bottom line

Behaviourlab at Dectech


Our cutting-edge approach to consumer research

    Realistic Decision Making Context

    Recreating a realistic journey is crucial to making reliable predictions about customer behaviour. Context is king.

    Rich Behavioural Insights

    Our statistical models contain diverse information about your customers and their attitudes. This helps us understand the story behind the numbers.

    Actionable Commercial Outputs

    We bring insights to life with web-based simulators that allow you to explore dynamic forecasts across various commercial scenarios instead of static PowerPoint charts.

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Have a look at one of our Buzz articles for a quick bite of behavioural insight or read our Reports for a deep-dive into a topical issue in the field.

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We are the original behaviour science consultancy

When we started Dectech in 2002, we saw great potential in bringing the wealth of knowledge and emerging techniques from behavioural economics and psychology to address real world commercial problems.

Now, having helped over 80 clients, we are leading experts at tackling commercial problems with fresh eyes, questioning and innovating.

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